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Lack of Foresight Holding Back Higher Customer Service Standards

Mar 08, 2017

For any business to become the best in their sector it is important to have values that guide you to that end. You want to hire the highest quality of staff, use the latest equipment, and produce goods and services that no one else can match. Customer service is a vital component of an overall business plan to get you to where you want to be.

For many business owners they’ll pay lip service to the importance of customer service and provide basic training to new staff members, but without the foresight to see how important continual customer service training can be, not just to the development of individual staff, but also to building a positive working culture within the company.

To develop your customer service there are a few steps you can take:

Put the Customer First – You may not always agree that the customer is right, but you always have to put their needs first, listening to them with the respect that they deserve. A customer who feels like they are not being listened to in the first instance is unlikely to come back to you.

Be Proactive – In many situations, even when first interacting with a customer, the best situation is to be proactive rather than reactive. Speak to the customer and ask them how they are and what you can help them with.

Do Everything to Accommodate Requests – You won’t be able to always help in the way a customer wants, but you can look to do everything possible, speaking to colleagues and management to look for a solution. Be honest with a customer and help as best you can.

Pay for Regular Customer Service Training – As a business owner you can reinforce all of these things by paying for regular staff training sessions, pinpointing weaknesses and constantly looking to improve your customer service satisfaction levels.

Don’t delay any further; to improve your company as a whole your staff need to understand not only customer service basics, but also the extras that can make a real difference to your reputation, helping you succeed in retaining customers and gaining new ones for continuous growth.

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